90s Look


Beings a 90s child brings some nostalgia but for me not so much because I was born in November of 1999 so technically although I was born within the 90s its hard for me to consider myself one because I didn’t grow up in that decade but boy let me tell you I enjoyed all the tv shows and food from the 90s! Like can a petition be started to get all of those things back?! haha… But recently 90s fashion became a huge trend and people of all ages got into it, including me. I just bought my first pair of MOM JEANS and you guys, I AM OBSESSED! They are so comfortable and make my legs & butt look so much better because they truly flatter everyone.

I paired my jeans with just a basic tee from Target that I tied at the waist for the most classic display of 90s style. For a bright and fun element I decided to wear these fringe earrings also from Target that I scored for less than $4. For shoes I had to grab my favorite vans ever! I have two pairs of Vans but these are just my go-to for every look. 




Shirt: Target Jeans: American Eagle Shoes: Vans Earrings: Target Sunglasses: DKNY

Finally Wednesday! I have some homework to do today after work and then I’m going to begin writing my guide for Disneyland! I’m so excited to write this blog post because Disneyland is my absolute favorite amusement park and from all of my trips over the years and this year from being an AP Holder, I have some amazing tips I want to share so stay tuned for that post 🙂 Have an amazing day!

xoxo, Liz

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