Working It Out


Shirt, Leggings, Shoes, Sunglasses

The athleisure trend has been my fave since before it even was a trend. Leggings are such a closet staple and go with just about everything. I wear them maybe 5 times a week and especially to the gym. The ones I’m wearing are so soft and breathable but are made of a good thick quality. I got them at Tjmaxx last year for about $6 so if you have a location near you, definitely check it out. Typically for working out I always just throw on an old tee shirt and head out the door but I got this sweatshirt for the chilly days ahead. Students you can get 20% off at COTTON:ON 🙂

I believe that if you love your workout gear, you’ll love your workouts a bit more. Wearing a matching set can be so cute and really help motivate you to get to the gym to show it off. A cute pair of sneakers can also do the trick. Last year I got these as my very first pair of Nikes (I know so crazy!) and they quickly got used up and went from being crisp white to a dark gray color lol, I gotta wash them and use them again cause they’re so comfy. However, as another option I recently bought my first pair of Adidas (again, crazy I know!) but these have now become my favorite and I love wearing them out and about anywhere.

Have a great Wednesday 🙂

xoxo, Liz

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