My Three Holy Grail Winter Beauty Must Haves

Happy Friday Beauty Babes! The cold front is now upon us Southern California peeps lol. We got so much rain yesterday and are expecting some more today. It kinda through me off track with my week because it made me so lazy and the weather definitely didn’t help. My skin suffers so much in the winter so I’m always on the hunt for new products that will help me 🙂 I found these products awhile ago and they are truly life changers. I stopped by Sephora and Ulta on Black Friday and picked these up for such great deals.

1) First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Cream 

This cream has seriously changed my skin so much!! I get really dry hands in the winter and they even bleed because I’m constantly dipping my hands in bleach water at work 😦 Last winter it was so bad and I would cry every night because it became painful. I began using aquaphor but I didn’t like it because it would leave my hands so oily and slippery. What I like about this cream is that you only need the smallest amount and instantly my hands are hydrated again and there’s no slippery residue left. 

2) Clinique: Clarifying Lotion

This exfoliator is actually a liquid so not a lotion lol but its my favorite. I use it twice a day; after washing my face in the morning & night. It has a strong scent but it works so good at helping take away any oils or leftover makeup that my makeup wipe and face wash didn’t take away. The pump it came with was so tricky to work when I got it but now I love it! I use small cotton pads and push down on it and it squirts the lotion onto the pad, I love that I’m able to pump just enough that I need so I’m not wasting product. 

3) Not Your Mothers: Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is my all time favorite! I recently ran out of my big bottle so while shopping at Ulta I found this mini pack (which makes a great stocking stuffer!) and loved that I can have these minis with me at all times so I can touch up my hair whenever it gets too oily. I dread showers in the winter and washing my hair becomes such a tedious task so I go through bottles and bottles of this stuff. 

xoxo, Liz

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