Winter Chic


Every year I dread the upcoming winter season because I don’t know what to wear and I feel like the market for winter clothes sucks. Although it has gotten a bit better over the seasons, it’s always the constant furs and puffer jackets/vests. Since I live in Southern California where our “winter” lasts about less than 2 months and truly only gets down to the mid 50s, there’s kinda no reason for me to spend my money on things I won’t need after the month and a half of chilly weather. So for me, I love taking pieces that can be transitioned into every season and making them work all year round. 

I got this cowl neck sweater for Christmas from my mother-in-law and I’m obsessed with it! I paired this look with these cute workout pants I picked up at Sam’s Club on New Years Eve so sadly I can’t find them online but these are super similar. I love the purple color and it was such a difference for me to switch it up from my typical black leggings but I love that I did. I kept my shoes and bag classic in black to make this outfit look chic and added my jean jacket draped over for a more relaxed look. 


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Sweater, Jacket, Pants, Bag, Shoes

It’s finally the freaking weekend and I’m so excited!! I’ve been sick this whole week and while I’m still getting over the worst part, it is getting a bit better and I’m hoping it will be gone by tomorrow 🙂 keeping my fingers crossed! 

xoxo, Liz

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