How I Care For My Hair + How I Style It

When it comes to hair I’m definitely no expert but I do have some things that work well for my hair and may even help you

So first off, I have virgin hair (meaning I have never dyed it) plus I don’t use much heat on it unless I need to. I have really thick hair which can be such a hassle to deal with and often times irritates me especially in the summer! Ever since middle school, each summer I cut my hair to shoulder length to avoid the constant headaches and “rats nests” from forming at the back of my head. Since I only cut my hair about once a year it grows out a lot. This post by Allure is great for figuring out when a haircut might be best for you.

I have naturally straight hair so there is so many ways I can style it and for that I’m so blessed (thanks mom & dad!). My favorite things to do to style it up, is to braid it every night and wake up with beachy waves, curl it, and straighten it out to get rid of any creases from a ponytail. I’ve used almost every hot tool out there to get curls and my favorite is with my straightener! I know its bad to apply so much heat on both sides with this tool but the curls I get are my absolute favorite. They can either come out tight or loose and last for 2-3 days, which is great cause I dread having to wash my hair. 

When I don’t style up my hair with heat I love to find cute ways to wear it with either a braid or cute hair accessories like the bow shown in the picture above. I also love these headbands here & here

When it comes to washing my hair I love drugstore brands and some high end salon ones as well. However, I stick more to the drugstore ones since it’s more convenient to just pick them up on a quick Target or Walmart run. Recently I fell in love with the OGX brand of shampoos and conditioners. I picked up the Mistletoe Kisses Shampoo for the scent but stuck with the Bonding Plex Conditioner to help repair my hair. I’ve noticed a change in my hair over the last few weeks and a huge difference is that my hair is no longer getting oily after just one day. I’m now able to wash my hair three times a week with a few sprays of this dry shampoo here & there when needed. 

I believe that great hair will take you far in life and in order to have great hair, you have to maintain it in a healthy way that will look great when you’re 85 and not just when you’re in your 20s 🙂 I hope this post helps you out and maybe inspires you to take better care of your hair

xoxo, Liz

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