The Best $7 Shirt For Spring


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Shirt ($7), Jeans, EarringsBag

Ahhh just talking about Spring gets me so excited! I can’t wait for the weather to heat back up again so I can put away all of my sweaters and jackets. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons because the weather is still warm but not overly hot or too cold. Recently I’ve been in a funk and I think it might be SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is unfortunate, but I’ve been trying to get out as much as possible and wear cheerful colors to help my mood. 

I picked up this shirt a few months ago and I’ve had it sitting in my closet waiting for it to warm up so I can finally wear it. This week has been in the 70s, and with so much excitement I finally ripped off the tags and wore it on Monday. I was able to wear it without a jacket and it was great being able to go without one. 

My shirt is available in two other colors but the white one is my absolute favorite for Spring & Summer. The embroidery is beautiful and for only 7 bucks, the price just can’t be beat 🙂 

These jeans are new and less than $40 and you guys… They’re so comfy, like leggings comfy! If you have a Sams Club membership you can get them for less than $15 but online they’re less than $40 which is still an amazing deal.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Sorry I missed posts last Friday & on Monday, I got really busy and just put my blog off to the side. However this week will be better and on Friday I have a Valentines Day look going up, so look forward to that

xoxo, Liz

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