Valentines Date Ideas


With Valentines Day coming up soon, I’m so excited but nervous because I don’t have any plans yet plus I don’t know what to get Isaac this year. Last year was our first Valentines Day together so we both went all out to celebrate the day of love. I had to work all afternoon and night which meant we had to settle for a breakfast date but was still the best. For gifts, we got each other baskets of things we love. Isaac also got me an orchid that’s still blooming almost a year later

For date ideas I was thinking

Drive-In, movie night at home cuddled in bed or go to the movie theater to see The Notebook for just $5 at Harkins Theatres.

Dinner at either a new restaurant or a classic go-to spot you both enjoy.

Make dinner at home that both of you can be involved with; like homemade pizzas!!

Have a picnic in the park while catching the sunset.

Go for a car ride and see somewhere new.

Visit museums or go to an amusement park.

and that’s about all I can think of for date ideas


Whatever you end up doing on Valentines Day is special whether you spend it with someone or alone 🙂 Make it a great day and try making it special for others too. I love to give my coworkers and family members small gifts to make them feel extra special. Either grab festive treats or make them yourself and give them out on the 14th as a sweet surprise.

xoxo, Liz





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