Five Things From The Past Week

Finding a Comme Des Garçons tee for only $6 at a flea market on Sunday.
Taking advantage of the sunny weather we’ve been having by wearing a cami & cardigan.
Date night with Isaac at the Riverside Food Lab.
Making Isaac pick me up so I could take a picture on top of the very high ledge.
Getting a mani/pedi with my mom. 

Happy Friday Loves 🙂 This week has been hectic but I’ve still made it my mission to appreciate every single day. We’ve had such amazing weather this week which has me really happy and inspired for the upcoming season. 

Something I greatly appreciated this week was seeing all of the beautiful butterflies flying all across Southern California. Did you guys see them too?!

This weekend, Isaac and I have a double date planned with my sister & her boyfriend in LA to try Teddy’s Red Tacos. I’m so excited to go and try the tacos and spend time with my sister. 

xoxo, Liz 

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