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Workout Tank, Leggings, Shoes, Sunglasses

If you know me then you know there’s no two things I love more than food and workout clothes haha. I may be a fashion blogger but if you ever catch me out and about, I’m always in workout clothes looking like I’m either going to the gym or I just left, but chances are I probably haven’t gone. In reality I haven’t been to the gym in weeks and I’m so bummed about it but I’m not doing anything to change that. Recently though I’ve been eyeing so many cute spring workout pieces that I’m hopeful will finally get me into the mood to workout.

I typically always go to the gym in baggy shirts which make me feel ugly and even bigger than what I am. So to change that I’ve been wanting tank tops to wear and I found this super cute one at Old Navy for less than $15. The material is super nice and breathable plus it’s true to size.

My leggings are from Sams Club and I love them so much! I got them in black and this green color and the material is so buttery soft for them only being $13.

White shoes have been all the rage recently so I knew I wanted to add a pair to my shoe collection this spring. I found these Nikes a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed with the bright white color. They’re super comfy and run true to size.


If you wear earbuds to workout but hate carrying them around, I found the perfect ‘case’ for them! I have AirPods and I’m always worried I might lose them because of their size so I found the cutest case for them. I just got it at Bath & Body Works and they fit perfectly. It was less than $5 and I love that they have a clip so I can connect it to my keys. This one unfortunately isn’t online but these other ones are super cute too.

xoxo, Liz

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