Girly On The Boardwalk


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Sweater, Shorts, Sandals, Bag, Hair Clips, Sunglasses

Beach days are the best days! I had so much fun spending time at the beach escaping the extreme heat we’ve been dealing with the past few days. I purchased these shorts last month and I love them. I have the green color and the linen material is perfect for these super hot days coming up. This sweater was perfect for throwing over my swimsuit and it had that warm effect but also kept me cool while at the beach.

I’ve been wearing these $10 sandals nonstop lately because the pink shade is adorable and they’re so comfortable! They have them in a few different shades so if you’ve been looking for a nice pair for summer to wear out and about or by the beach, these would be perfect.

I took my all time favorite beach bag with me and packed along my sunglasses and I brought these cute hair clips with me to pin my bangs back. 

Finally it’s the middle of the week and I’m so happy about it! I’ve been so tired since getting home on Monday so I’m looking forward to taking a nap later on today. I hope you all have a great day! P.S. Lots of new content will be coming to the blog soon, including a guide to Newport Beach so stay tuned

xoxo, Liz


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