Pool Daze


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Pool days are the best days especially in the summer. When I was younger we used to have a pool and we’d use it all year round. However, now we don’t so my pool days are far in between which sucks. Last Monday after the beach, Isaac and I met up with my sister and her family at Paradise Pier Hotel and went swimming with them to end off our day. We had so much fun swimming and to Isaac and I’s realization, it was the first time we had ever swam together šŸ™‚

I’ve been getting so much use out of this $25 swimsuit and I’m obsessed with it. It’s from Amazon and the quality is so freaking good!! I love high waisted swimsuits because I hate when bottoms are low rise and I constantly keep having to pick them up. They have lots of different prints of this suit and the price is so good.Ā 

I paired this cute kimono with it to kinda coverup while walking to the pool and the prints paired up so perfectly. It is from Walmart and comes as a set with a dress but I love it because it can be styled multiple ways.Ā 

Today, Isaac and I will be taking my mom to breakfast to get her out of the house for a bit since shes been stuck at home recovering from her surgery. I cant wait to pig out at brunch lol šŸ™‚

I hope you all have a great week!

xoxo, Liz

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