My Summer Bucket List


Summer started about three weeks ago and I’ve already checked so many things off my summer bucket list 🙂 I’ll put check marks next to the ones I’ve already completed.

Here’s my list and if you try any of these let me know! I’d also love to see your lists too

Get a nice bronze tan

Go to the beach so many times I lose count

Go on fun summer dates in different cities

Have a picnic while watching the sunset

Get in touch with old friends ✔️

Work out at least four times a week

Take a yoga class once a week to relax and unwind ✔️

Eat as much ice cream as I can

Take a road trip somewhere fun & new

Watch movies outdoors while eating s’mores by a bonfire

Make a summer music playlist ✔️

Shop the Nordstrom sale

Get a new car that’s much needed

Try a fun new heatless hairstyle ✔️

Go to a baseball game ✔️

Ride bikes and watch the sunset over the hills ✔️

Go to a night market/farmers market ✔️


xoxo, Liz

Guide To: Newport Beach


Newport Beach has been my go-to destination for years now every time I want a beach day. I love going to Corona Del Mar when I want peace & quiet plus I get to take in the amazing views of all of the beautiful beach houses. However, when I want to walk the boardwalk, I go to Newport Beach Pier. Keep in mind, the pier area is way more crowded  than Corona Del Mar. I’m gonna share some of my favorite spots in Newport down below 🙂



Seaside Donuts Bakery

Nothing is better than indulging in donuts while wearing a bathing suit. This is just your typical donut shop but my favorite part is that they carry cronuts (shown above). Every time I go, I always stop in and pick up half a dozen of these cause they’re just that good!


Woody’s Wharf

If you want to grab dinner at a nice restaurant that has an amazing view, then Woody’s Wharf is a great place to go. The food is so amazing especially the “bang bang shrimp” and the filet mignon with scallops. If you go on a Tuesday, they have an awesome karaoke night. Isaac and I now share a super fun memory about this!


Atomic Creamery

I’m an ice cream fanatic so stopping by here after following their page on Instagram for weeks was a dream come true for me. My favorite is the “Chocolate 2” but oh my gosh they have some other amazing flavors that I’m dying to try! They are located in fashion island so you can go shopping and then treat yourself to a delicious frozen treat.


Things To Do


Renting Bikes

At the pier area there are lots of bike rental places where you can rent bikes, paddle boards, skateboards, and much more. Isaac and I rented a beach cruiser and an electric bike for just $27 for one hour.



You can ride the bikes down a trail that goes right along some of the most beautiful beach homes including this pink house or you can walk. Either way the views on both sides are amazing.



One of my favorite beach activities is just lounging around soaking up the sun while reading a great book. I love to do this even more when I’m at Corona Del Mar because it’s so peaceful and quiet.



Taking pictures is obviously one of my other favorite activities lol. The water is so pretty and blue which makes for the best background. 


Overall, Newport Beach is probably one of my favorite places on earth. I can’t recommend this city enough! It would be my dream come true to move there one day. I hope you all found this guide helpful if you’re planning a trip soon to Newport.

xoxo, Liz

Guide To: Disneyland


Ahh Disneyland the most magical and most expensive amusement park haha. Now, I will agree and say Disneyland can be a costly trip whether you’re from out of city/state/country or even just a frequent visitor like an AP Holder. I’ve been a Disney frequenter since I was a baby and I’ve grown up seeing all of the changes and let me tell you, it’s been so magical to say the least. I decided to write this guide because after all of my visits, I’ve got a lot of tips and tricks for making the best out of your time at the parks from rides, to food, to shows, and everything else in-between. These are my tips for enjoying the parks all year round 🙂




Which Land To Visit: Out of all the lands in Disneyland, my favorite has to be Adventureland that takes you into New Orleans Square. I prefer hitting up this area first because my favorite rides are there like Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain which are all located in these lands. Ooh I also like taking a slight detour and going on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! However if you have small children or even if you just enjoy the other attractions, there are several other lands with more options near the castle.



Best Food/Snacks: I can never make a trip down Main Street without hitting up Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor. Not only is the design and atmosphere in there so cute but the ice cream is so amazing! A tad bit over priced but if it’s shared (which I recommend!) is such a great deal. Another cool spot is the Refreshment Corner, they have amazing options available there plus during special seasons they get really awesome and unique menu options which should definitely be tried out. Hungry Bear Restaurant is another one of my absolute favorites. I’ve only tried the chicken sandwich from there and trust me its soooo good! I used to order it with sweet potato fries however, they did away with them awhile back so now I get it with onion rings which are equally good. Also, AP Holders don’t forget that you can use your AP discount at almost all dining locations within both parks as well as in Downtown Disney. I can’t forget about the best part of Disneyland which is the CHURROS!!! Man I am obsessed with them so much. There was a dark time when each time I’d buy a churro it would be so hard and cold and I was starting to get super bummed until recently I grabbed a churro from the Dumbo cart behind the castle and it was INCREDIBLE 🙂 so warm and soft with the perfect amount of crunch.

Merchandise: When going to the parks you’re surrounded by such cute and overpriced merchandise and I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying much from there unless you’re down to spend all of that money, then go ahead honey do your thang! But if you wanna go to the parks in cute merchandise like clothing or accessories, many stores like Kohls, Walmart, Target, etc. sell so many cute tees and at cheaper prices than at the parks. Also many Etsy shops sells handmade shirts, ears, and accessories for reasonable prices plus you’ll feel good supporting small businesses. Recently I went to the Disney Outlet and scored some Cars light up ears for $7 and I was able to get 10% off with my military discount as well 🙂

Shows: When the park is super crowded and the lines are long I like to escape to shows to kill time so some of my favorites are The Golden Horseshoe and the Jedi Training show they have in front of Galactic Grill. Fantasmic is another great show that I love seeing plus you can get a FastPass for this show. 

I hope you all found this guide useful and can use it on your next upcoming trip. I really want to do a guide for California Adventure next so if you’d like to see that let me know and I’d be so happy to write it 🙂

Happy Friday!

xoxo, Liz