The $1 Headbands I’m Obsessed With

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Velvet Headband, Mesh Headband

Headbands have been all the rage recently and I’m loving this trend so much. I hate doing my hair so simple hairstyles are my jam! I love that I can just throw on an adorable headband and my hair instantly looks way better. What’s even better is that these headbands are only $1 on Amazon. They are a dupe for the Lele Sadoughi headbands that cost $150. The quality of these is amazing which is surprising especially for the price, shipping is only $1.99 which in total will be $3 which is still way cheaper than other listings for the same headband. Shipping typically takes less than 2 weeks so if you’re patient enough, these would be perfect for you 🙂

Happy Wednesday friends, I’m so sorry there hasn’t been a new post in awhile but I’ve just been super busy and trying to juggle a lot lately. However, today Isaac and I will be attending the In N Out Picnic and we’re so excited. I’ve been watching videos on what it is and I can’t wait to experience it. Thanks to Isaac for taking me as his plus one and the In N Out Corporation for hosting this event 

xoxo, Liz

Guide To: Newport Beach


Newport Beach has been my go-to destination for years now every time I want a beach day. I love going to Corona Del Mar when I want peace & quiet plus I get to take in the amazing views of all of the beautiful beach houses. However, when I want to walk the boardwalk, I go to Newport Beach Pier. Keep in mind, the pier area is way more crowded  than Corona Del Mar. I’m gonna share some of my favorite spots in Newport down below 🙂



Seaside Donuts Bakery

Nothing is better than indulging in donuts while wearing a bathing suit. This is just your typical donut shop but my favorite part is that they carry cronuts (shown above). Every time I go, I always stop in and pick up half a dozen of these cause they’re just that good!


Woody’s Wharf

If you want to grab dinner at a nice restaurant that has an amazing view, then Woody’s Wharf is a great place to go. The food is so amazing especially the “bang bang shrimp” and the filet mignon with scallops. If you go on a Tuesday, they have an awesome karaoke night. Isaac and I now share a super fun memory about this!


Atomic Creamery

I’m an ice cream fanatic so stopping by here after following their page on Instagram for weeks was a dream come true for me. My favorite is the “Chocolate 2” but oh my gosh they have some other amazing flavors that I’m dying to try! They are located in fashion island so you can go shopping and then treat yourself to a delicious frozen treat.


Things To Do


Renting Bikes

At the pier area there are lots of bike rental places where you can rent bikes, paddle boards, skateboards, and much more. Isaac and I rented a beach cruiser and an electric bike for just $27 for one hour.



You can ride the bikes down a trail that goes right along some of the most beautiful beach homes including this pink house or you can walk. Either way the views on both sides are amazing.



One of my favorite beach activities is just lounging around soaking up the sun while reading a great book. I love to do this even more when I’m at Corona Del Mar because it’s so peaceful and quiet.



Taking pictures is obviously one of my other favorite activities lol. The water is so pretty and blue which makes for the best background. 


Overall, Newport Beach is probably one of my favorite places on earth. I can’t recommend this city enough! It would be my dream come true to move there one day. I hope you all found this guide helpful if you’re planning a trip soon to Newport.

xoxo, Liz

Living Desert Zoo Recap

Last Wednesday, Isaac and I made a day trip to Palm Desert to go to the Living Desert Zoo and it was so much fun. Took a little longer to get there than we expected but it was fun being in the car together talking and singing.

The admission is $20 each ticket but luckily I paid $18 with a military discount. We got to see all of the adorable animals which included lots of new babies. The newest giraffe was so stinking cute. Isaac and I also had lots of fun comparing our pets to the animals we saw at the zoo.

If you guys are in the area, you should definitely check it out or make a trip out of it and you’ll love it.

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you all had an amazing Easter like I did. We had everyone over at our house and we played games like, Jenga, Connect Four, and lots of basketball. Plus we ate lots of yummy food.

Today is my sister Tricia’s birthday so we will be going out to eat dinner in celebration of her big day. I hope you all have a great day

Swimsuit Haul and Review


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Swimsuit (Only $24), Sunglasses ($10)

As soon as spring started I immediately began shopping for cute swimsuits for the upcoming seasons. I began planning a beach trip for my spring break so I needed a cute suit. I didn’t want to spend too much since I like to swap them out a lot. I sized up to a large in each suit and I found my swimsuits on Amazon, Target, and Walmart. 


Swimsuit top ($16), Swimsuit bottoms ($14)

I just got this swimsuit about two weeks ago and omg I’m obsessed with it! The top is my favorite. I love the straps because they’re so cute and add some uniqueness to an otherwise basic suit. 


Swimsuit Top ($7), Swimsuit Bottoms ($7)

I wore this swimsuit to the beach during my spring break and I loved it! I do wish the bottoms went up a little higher but under shorts they’re cute. You can see how I wore it here.


Swimsuit ($24), Sunglasses ($10)

I just got this suit this week and it’s so adorable. I’ve been seeing it everywhere on Instagram so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Now I see what everyone was talking about! The quality is so good and it has the cutest details. It’s $24.99 with an extra 5% off 🙂

Happy Good Friday ♥

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter. My family is having a bbq at our house on Sunday so I’m looking forward to that.

xoxo, Liz

Recent Beauty Buys I’m Loving


For this makeup look I am using all of the products featured in this post

Hi beauty babes!!! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten really into beauty products as I’m starting to develop a Spring makeup routine. I’ve picked up some things I’ve already loved forever and new things I’m already falling in love with. 

1) No Pore Blem Primer

Lately my pores have been so bad and have been ruining my makeup looks, so I set out to find a pore filling primer that could be a solution to my problem and I found a winner. I went back and forth on if I should pay a visit to Sephora or Ulta but I ended up on Amazon and found this one. After reading several amazing reviews I decided to pull the plug and try it out, plus I couldn’t beat the $13 price tag.

2) Jergens Natural Glow

Everyone knows I’m super pale and even though I spend hours in the sun, I never get any type of tan sadly. So to combat this, I decided to try out self tanner. I’m so tempted to buy real self tanner but I want to just try out something that will give me enough color to decide if it’s something I really want to do. I picked up this gradual tanner two weeks ago and I’m loving the tan glow it has been giving me.

3) Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation

This foundation has been my ride or die for three years now and I’m still obsessed with it for good reason. This blends amazingly plus it really does keep my skin matte all day long. 

4) Infallible Full Wear Concealer

I’ve been in the market for a good concealer and I always see Tarte shape tape as the #1 rated concealer but almost $30 for a concealer is a deal breaker for me. After reading a bunch of reviews on this one, I decided to give it a try. The coverage and blendibility is the best for any concealer I’ve ever tried. 

5) Maybelline Super Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick

I am by no means a gloss all over the lips kinda gal. I love a good matte lip color and this one is amazing. The color is perfect all year round but especially for the spring & summer seasons. 

6) Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm

Tying back to my love for matte lip shades, I love to pair any matte with a glossy shine that will kind of fade away but still leave my lips looking matte + glossy. This balm does this and I love that it provides the slightest shade of color so my lipstick shade doesn’t get altered. 

7) Italia Deluxe Lipliner 

This has been my go-to lipliner for years and it is the!! The shade natural beige matches my natural lip color perfectly but is a tad bit darker to make my lips appear bigger and fuller when applied. It took forever to find the best lipliner shade for myself and I’m so happy I found this one

That’s all for my current beauty buys but I’m sure I will have a bunch of new products I’m loving, really soon so stay tuned for that 🙂

I have a bunch of new things coming in from Amazon today and I’m so excited to share what I got with you guys. I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday

xoxo, Liz

My Tips For Thrifting


I’ve been a thrift store shopper my whole life so it’s clear to say I’ve learned a few tips and tricks for when it comes to shopping at thrift stores. When I was younger my parents would take my sister and I and we’d get “new” clothes along with costumes and toys. As I grew older I stopped until I met my boyfriend, Isaac and he got me into shopping at thrift stores again. We now go monthly and it has definitely become one of my favorite things to do together. When we arrive we venture off to each side of the store and once we’re done looking, we’ll meet up and show each other our finds and help one another make buying decisions. Here are our tips for getting the most out of your thrift shopping 🙂

1. Go in with an open mind

When deciding to thrift, the best thing to do as preparation is to keep your mind open to new and cool finds. Don’t make a list of all the things you hope to find because 9/10 times you’ll never find exactly what you’re looking for. Since the beginning I haven’t ever gone in with my mind made up of things I want and am super hopeful to find. Of course I have a list of things I’m dying to add to my wardrobe but I’ll eventually find them over time. It’s taken months to find things I’ve had on my list but along the way I’ve found so many amazing pieces that to me are awesome. 

2. Feel the store out

Whether you go to a local small thrift store or Goodwill, make sure you browse through the whole store and see if they have things you’re interested in. A lot of thrifts have specific things in store like housewares or clothes. Before going to any thrift stores, I like to read reviews and see what they have to offer. 

3. Shop on discounted days

Several thrift stores have special deals on certain days of the week like 50% off the whole store, Buy 1 Get 1, Dollar Deal Weeks, and so much more. I follow Goodwill on Instagram and every week they post the color of the week which means any tags with that color will be 50% off and on one selected day, any tags with that color will be $1. I lucked out at a new Goodwill last Thursday when I got a pair of Levis shorts and an adorable sun dress for only $1 each! If you go to a local thrift store, be sure to call ahead and ask about any specials they may have.

4. Wash what you buy

This should be a given however even if it is new with tags or you’re super tempted to wear it, DON’T! You never know what people are donating and everything is just filled with germs. Be smart and cautious. Also washing may help take out any dirty spots you find on an item, to make it look brand new.

5. Check for designer brands/labels

Occasionally at a Goodwill or other thrift store, you will come across an item that is a bit higher priced than other items and it might be due to it being a designer item. If you see the label and it’s a brand you’ve never heard of, use your phone to do some online investigating to see how much of a deal you may be getting. If it’s an old navy tee shirt selling for over $5 don’t buy it because it’s definitely not worth it. On Sunday, Isaac and I went to Rare by Goodwill which is a boutique style thrift store and I found this Adrianna Papell dress that retails for $260 for only…… $20. I was so excited that I found it and I can’t wait to wear it soon 🙂


I hope you all enjoyed reading this as it was so much fun for me to put it together! If you have any questions please let me know.

xoxo, Liz

My Favorite Podcast


My love for podcasts began about two months ago when I discovered some on Spotify. The very first one I listened to was Crime Junkies by Ashley Flowers. Every Monday a new episode is released and I get so excited to listen to a new case. Each case has me with suspense and ready to hear what happened next. Some of the cases I’ve heard of, like the one featured in the photos was about the Watt’s family which recently garnered a lot of attention during the late summer of 2018. Other cases are completely brand new and have me so shocked and saddened by some of the crimes but ultimately I love it!

If you guys have a Spotify account you guys should definitely check out the Crime Junkies Podcast and give me a follow as well here 🙂 also college students get Spotify Premium for only $4.99 a month which also includes Hulu & Showtime. So if you guys haven’t yet signed up, go do it now!!


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Jacket, Bag, AirPods, Boots

Finally it’s the middle of the week and I can’t wait to have some down time to get over this cold that hit me on Monday morning 😦 I have the worst sore throat and a runny/stuffy nose. I’ve been trying so many home remedies but if you guys have any, I’d love to hear them! I hope you all have a great day babes.

xoxo, Liz