Guide To: Newport Beach


Newport Beach has been my go-to destination for years now every time I want a beach day. I love going to Corona Del Mar when I want peace & quiet plus I get to take in the amazing views of all of the beautiful beach houses. However, when I want to walk the boardwalk, I go to Newport Beach Pier. Keep in mind, the pier area is way more crowded  than Corona Del Mar. I’m gonna share some of my favorite spots in Newport down below 🙂



Seaside Donuts Bakery

Nothing is better than indulging in donuts while wearing a bathing suit. This is just your typical donut shop but my favorite part is that they carry cronuts (shown above). Every time I go, I always stop in and pick up half a dozen of these cause they’re just that good!


Woody’s Wharf

If you want to grab dinner at a nice restaurant that has an amazing view, then Woody’s Wharf is a great place to go. The food is so amazing especially the “bang bang shrimp” and the filet mignon with scallops. If you go on a Tuesday, they have an awesome karaoke night. Isaac and I now share a super fun memory about this!


Atomic Creamery

I’m an ice cream fanatic so stopping by here after following their page on Instagram for weeks was a dream come true for me. My favorite is the “Chocolate 2” but oh my gosh they have some other amazing flavors that I’m dying to try! They are located in fashion island so you can go shopping and then treat yourself to a delicious frozen treat.


Things To Do


Renting Bikes

At the pier area there are lots of bike rental places where you can rent bikes, paddle boards, skateboards, and much more. Isaac and I rented a beach cruiser and an electric bike for just $27 for one hour.



You can ride the bikes down a trail that goes right along some of the most beautiful beach homes including this pink house or you can walk. Either way the views on both sides are amazing.



One of my favorite beach activities is just lounging around soaking up the sun while reading a great book. I love to do this even more when I’m at Corona Del Mar because it’s so peaceful and quiet.



Taking pictures is obviously one of my other favorite activities lol. The water is so pretty and blue which makes for the best background. 


Overall, Newport Beach is probably one of my favorite places on earth. I can’t recommend this city enough! It would be my dream come true to move there one day. I hope you all found this guide helpful if you’re planning a trip soon to Newport.

xoxo, Liz

Girly On The Boardwalk


Shop The Look

Sweater, Shorts, Sandals, Bag, Hair Clips, Sunglasses

Beach days are the best days! I had so much fun spending time at the beach escaping the extreme heat we’ve been dealing with the past few days. I purchased these shorts last month and I love them. I have the green color and the linen material is perfect for these super hot days coming up. This sweater was perfect for throwing over my swimsuit and it had that warm effect but also kept me cool while at the beach.

I’ve been wearing these $10 sandals nonstop lately because the pink shade is adorable and they’re so comfortable! They have them in a few different shades so if you’ve been looking for a nice pair for summer to wear out and about or by the beach, these would be perfect.

I took my all time favorite beach bag with me and packed along my sunglasses and I brought these cute hair clips with me to pin my bangs back. 

Finally it’s the middle of the week and I’m so happy about it! I’ve been so tired since getting home on Monday so I’m looking forward to taking a nap later on today. I hope you all have a great day! P.S. Lots of new content will be coming to the blog soon, including a guide to Newport Beach so stay tuned

xoxo, Liz


Trend You Need To Try: Rainbow Nails


Rainbow nails have been all the rage this spring and summer and for great reason because they’re so cute! I tried the trend out about two months ago when I got five shades of pink inspired by Kylie Jenner. When I got them done, I had acrylics so I loved them way more except how bad it damaged my nails 😦 However, now as I am in the process of strengthening my nails, I wanted to do them at home so I played around with the shades I have and created this look. 

For my nails I stuck to bright shades that go with everything and are so fun for summer. This trend is everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest so definitely try it out soon

Isaac and I are headed off to the beach today and I’m so excited! We’ve been working so much the past few weeks so spending quality time together at our favorite place is much needed 🙂 

xoxo, Liz

How I’m Being Frugal In June

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Now that we’re halfway through the year, I’ve had a lot of moments where I’ve thought about how much money I should have saved up. However, I had an eye opening experience when I realized I’ve been working so much yet I have hardly nothing to show for it. When I took a look at my bank statements, I realized I’ve been spending way too much on clothes and food. Throughout this, I’ve now added a shit ton of stuff to my closet that I hardly ever wear and I’ve gained some weight from eating out all of the time.

As summer is approaching I now have a bunch of new clothes I’m happily willing to show off but a body that I’m not proud of. I’ve been paying $30 a month for a gym membership I hardly use. So throughout all of my deep thinking, I came to the conclusion that I’m going to challenge myself to not buy anything new and not eat out in excess in the month of June. Plus I’m going to go to the gym 20 times this month in hopes that I will continue this in other months. 

It’s been pretty hard to keep up a good track record but I’m excited to challenge myself in such a way. So far I have not purchased anything except shampoo because I needed it, but I bought the cheapest and biggest bottle so it could last me longer. I also have not eaten out nor do I have plans to. I started this challenge off by telling Isaac and my family so that way they don’t pressure me into buying things or eating out.

Recently I got a second job for the summer time while I’m not taking any classes so I can make more money to invest into my future. I opened up a savings account specifically for the money I’ll be getting and I can’t wait to see how much I’ll have saved up by the end of summer!

I’d love for you guys to also join in on my frugal June experience 🙂 and if you have any suggestions on how to save money, please let me know.

xoxo, Liz

Memorial Day Outfit + Sales

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! I’m so excited for a long weekend starting today after work 🙌🏻 I think my family might do something on Monday so I’m looking forward to that. I hope you all have the best weekend 🙂

I’ve rounded up the best sales going on this weekend at my favorite stores. Now is the best time to shop for summer pieces or gifts for any celebrations coming up!


Take 20% off at the Memorial Day Sale with code MEMDAY, plus receive free shipping at $75.


Take 40% off your entire purchase with code FINALLY


Up to 30% off home items with code HOME, plus save on summer styles site wide.


Up to 60% off $100 or more with code VALUE7.


Up to 40% off site wide.


Clear the rack: Up to 25% off.


Up to 40% off 5000+ styles.


Extra 50% off sale items and 40% off everything else with code WEEKEND.

xoxo, Liz